Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Different Types of Cheeses and How They Are Classified

There are hundred types of cheeses in the market today that that the ordinary cheese lover will have a hard time choosing which type of cheese to buy.

Cheeses are usually classified according to the age when they were processed. They can also be classified according to their moisture content which would identify them as semi-soft cheese, medium hard and semi-hard or hard cheese.

They can also be classified by the type of animal from where the milk was obtained - cow, goat or sheep.

The type of mold that has accumulated in the cheese during fermentation is also used to identify cheeses as soft-rind, wash-rind, smear-ripened or blue.

Brined cheeses are those processed in salt solution. These are cheeses available in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. Examples are feta, sirene, haroumi and telemea cheese.

Processed cheeses are those made with milk, more salt added, food color, and emulsifying salts and sold either sliced or unsliced. It is packed in cans is some countries

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